About the SHUTCM

Founded in 1956, Shanghai University of TCM,which was named Shanghai TCM College at the beginning, is one of the first four TCM higher education institutes since the foundation of the People’s Republic of China.

         Adhering to the motto of “Diligence, Benevolence, Truth, Innovation”,the university inherits profound cultural legacy, strives to deliver high quality programs of unique strength, and pays great attention to clinical practice. The University regards academic and moral education as its fundamental mission, and promotes collaborative development of education, research and clinical service. In 1985, Shanghai Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine was founded under the same management system with the university. In 1993, the name of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine was officially taken.

        In 2000, Shanghai Medical Vocational School was consolidated with the university.In 2003, the university was relocated toZhangjiang Hi-tech Park in Pudong New Area.

Over the past 60 years, the university has always been home to many distinguished doctors.The education strategy emphasizingsolid mastery of TCM knowledge and practice along with deep understanding of modern science and traditional Chinese culturehas achieved remarkable results. 

The university takes close heed of frontierTCM technology and the critical demand of the country andcontinues tostrengthen international exchange & cooperation. The University currently has 8 affiliated hospitals. 

It is also a high-caliber university prioritized by the Municipality and co-sponsored by the Ministry of Education.In 2017, the programs of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Chinese Materia Medica were selected in the National Initiative for Developing Top-notch Programs.

In the fourth round of evaluation conducted by the Ministry of Education, 3 programs including TCM, Chinese Materia Medica and Integrative Medicine were graded A+.

In welcoming the new era, the university will strive to become a world-class TCM university, which stresses excellence in both specialty disciplines and general ranking, and gives equal emphasis to inheritance and innovation, modernization & internationalization, giving full play to the power of TCM.