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Students are expected to gain expertise of TCM as well as knowledge on modern medicine and traditional Chinese philosophy. Therefore, the university places special emphasis on TCM while incorporating modern ways of medical education. Over the years, the university has made consistent efforts in teaching reforms, taking the lead among TCM universities in China to initiate educational reform.

Strategic Plan Dubbed “the Aircraft Strategy” for Developing Innovative TCM Talents

Solid foundation in TCM theory and practice as the fuselage

Extensive knowledge of modern science and medicine as one wing of the aircraft

Profound understanding of traditional Chinese culture as the other wing

Deepening the Education Reform to Bridge the Gap Between the Classroom and the Clinic

Taking the lead to launch the 5+3 clinical education model which combines standard residence training with academic training

The first to launch the pilot standardized training program for specialist physicians

Initiated the classic progressive teaching model: “Introductory reading - Intensive reading-Clinic”


Teaching Achievement

National Teaching Achievement Award: Grand Prize

Exploration and innovation of the comprehensive reform of clinical medical education in China - the construction and practice of 5+3 model

Submitted together with Fudan University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University


National Teaching Achievement Award: First Prize

Exploration and practice of faculty development center in medical colleges and Universities


National Teaching Achievement Award: Second Prize

The establishment and development of Chinese Medicine Anatomy

The course development of Experimental Chinese medicine

Research and Practice on training mode of Chinese Medicine Talents

Student as the center, inheritance and innovation, the reform of TCM higher education


Degree Programs

Doctoral and Master Programs

Level 1 Discipline: 3 Doctoral Programs

Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese Materia Medica, Integrative Medicine

1 Doctoral Program with Professional Degree

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Level 1 Discipline: 2 Master Programs

History of Science and Technology, Medical technology

4 Master Programs with Professional Degree

Chinese Materia Medica, Nursing, Translation Studies, Public Health


Bachelor-master integrated programs ( 5+3 )

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture and Tuina program featuring English )


Bachelor Programs

Traditional Chinese Medicine ( 5-year )

Acupuncture and Tuina

Clinical Integrative Medicine

Chinese Materia Medica

Pharmaceutical Science ( China-UK Joint Program )

Rehabilitation Therapy

Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation


Bio-engineering( Focusing on TCM informatics and engineering )

Food Safety and Nutrition

Public Administration ( Focusing on Health Management )

Preventive Medicine


National Experimental Teaching Center

National Demonstration Center for Chinese Materia Medica

National Demonstration Center for TCM

National Experimental Teaching Center for TCM Virtual Education



Student Science Innovation

Adhering to the philosophy of “For the Life-long Development of Every Student” , the university creates various platforms to encourage students to engage in innovative and entrepreneurial activities.

75% of the students take part in innovation and entrepreneurial projects.

60 National-level Innovation Projects

140 Student Entrepreneurship and Innovation Projects endorsed by Shanghai Municipal Governments

100 University-level Student Entrepreneurship and Innovation Projects

7 Student Innovation Forums endorsed by Shanghai Municipal Government