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Exploring TCM Culture: NYU Shanghai Faculty and Students Visit SHUTCM


    On April 19th, 2024 (Grain Rain in the 24 solar terms), we welcomed a group of faculty and students from the New York University Shanghai for a fresh, interesting activity to experience TCM culture. The immersive activity integrates the lecture, site visit, and traditional Chinese exercise.

    During their visit to TCM Museum, the faculty adn students from NYU Shanghai  gained an insight into the history and development of Chinese medicine. Through the hands-on sessions crafting scented herbal sachets, students delved into the origins of these aromatic treasures, deepening their understanding of Chinese medicinal herbs. Embarking on this “fragrance quest”, participants immersed themselves in the enchanting realms of traditional aesthetics and Chinese medicinal culture.

    In addition, students learned Ba Duan Jin, a traditional Chinese exercise method, allowing them to experience the charm of traditional Chinese fitness firsthand.

   By offering such activities, SHUTCM endeavors to extend the charm of traditional Chinese medicine culture to a broader audience all over the world.