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2023 Winter Camp Program at SHUTCM


    From December 12 to 17, 2023, a total of 23 Indonesian students from Gloria Senior High School participated in a one-week winter camp program at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This program aimed to help these students to get to know the city of Shanghai, learn Chinese language, and get a glimpse of traditional Chinese medicine. The schedule was designed to offer a diverse range of activities, including a campus tour, a visit to the Shanghai TCM Museum, lectures on acupuncture and Chinese language, the practice of Ba Duan Jin, and an exploration of the Jiangnan Water Towns.

    Through their visit to the TCM Museum, students gained insights into the history and development of TCM.

    Through the lecture on acupuncture, students had the opportunity to experience magnetic pellets and acupoint massage.

    The Chinese language classes enabled these young students to improve their oral Chinese  skills. These classes were interactive and engaging, with students actively participating in role plays, group discussions and street interviews.

    In addition, students learned Ba Duan Jin, a traditional Chinese exercise method, allowing them to experience the charm of traditional Chinese fitness firsthand.

    By offering such programs, SHUTCM aims to attract more international students to study TCM at the university in the future.