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Foreigners learn about TCM through Shanghai Summer School


Foreigners learn about the clinical application of tuina during the TCM summer program. 

The 2023 Shanghai Summer School (Traditional Chinese Medicine Program) organized by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for foreigners recently came to an end.

The program, which was held online this year from June 5 to 30, attracted 198 participants from 40 countries and regions.

Since its launch in 2012, the program has been held every summer, providing an opportunity for foreigners to learn more about Chinese culture, the city of Shanghai, and TCM.

The program includes courses, lectures, activities and virtual tours.

During the program, participants learned about the basic theory of TCM, diagnostic techniques, meridian acupoints, common Chinese medicine, acupuncture and the clinical application of tuina, a type of therapeutic massage.

In addition, they also learned about baduanjin, a traditional Chinese form of aerobics, and the traditional wellness method called "five-animal play", or wuqinxi.

Through the virtual tours, they visited the campus of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Shanghai Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

To help participants better understand Chinese culture, the program also arranged practical Chinese courses and organized a number of activities to help them experience Chinese culture.