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Our responsibilities

The Institute was founded on March 12, 1985. Shanghai Qigong Research Institute is the largest professional Qigong research institution in China. It involves Qigong scientific research, education, medical treatment, cultural communication, international exchange and other fields. The institute contains departments such as Comprehensive Medical Qigong Laboratory, Medical Clinic, Qidao School and Chinese Qigong History Museum. At the end of 2016, the Taiji Health Center of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shanghai Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine was established in Shanghai Qigong Research Institute, which is the first professional institution in Chinese universities to study, promote and practice the concept of "Taiji Health".

Our achievements

By the end of 2021, Shanghai Qigong Research Institute has undertaken 1 National Natural Science Foundation project, 1 humanities and social sciences project of the Ministry of Education, 1 local high-level university construction project, 2 clinical research projects of Shanghai Municipal Health Commission, 1 special aging project of Shanghai Municipal Health Commission and 1 project in the University budget. So far, 8 SCI papers and 62 works have been published.

Shanghai Qigong Research Institute is one of the only two Qigong master's degree awarding centers in China. Since 1978, it has trained more than 60 graduate students. Many courses are offered for postgraduates, undergraduates and foreign students, including Evidence-based Medicine, Introduction to Health Preservation and Rehabilitation of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qigong of Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc.

Established in 1987, the Medical Clinic of Shanghai Qigong Research Institute is a contracted hospital and categorized as Shanghai Grade III Specialist medical institution by Shanghai Municipal Health Commission. It sets the departments of Qigong, Acupuncture, Tuina and Traditional Chinese Rehabilitation. The treatment of Tuina in this clinic is combined with Qigong practicing, featuring penetrating force and gentle manipulation. The clinic applies Chinese traditional Daoyin exercising in Tuina treating and forms its characteristic treatment known as Daoyin-Anqiao.

Qidao School was established in 2016. Based on Medical background strength, we focus on social training, academic research and culture communication. Qidao School adopts a variety of teaching modes to attract many Qigong health preservation scholars and lovers from both China and abroad. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, Qidao School vigorously promoted the health preservation knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine Qigong into communities, campuses and institutions, so that Qigong, a treasure of Chinese traditional culture, can better serve public health.

Since September 1986, the Qigong Institute has pioneered the domestic Qigong seminar and successfully held the first International Symposium on Qigong Science, with more than 500 guests at home and abroad. Since then, it has been held regularly every 2-3 years. So far, the International Symposium on Qigong Science has been successfully held for 16 times. The seminar has become a well-known brand for Qigong health culture exchange at home and abroad.

Since the establishment in December 2016, Taiji health center has two overseas sub centers, located at the University of West Attica in Athens, Greece and the European Foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Barcelona, Spain. Since its establishment, the center has sent many batches of teachers to Greece, Spain, France, Japan and other countries to carry out Qigong training and cultural exchange activities. In 2020, the center launched 8 episodes of "Chinese Traditional Classic Health Preservation" series of public welfare video courses in Chinese and English to the world through the network, and work with all sub centers to spread the concept and technology of Taiji Health, so as to bring China's ancient Taiji wisdom to the health of contemporary mankind.

Our ongoing activities

Qigong scientific research: in the aspect of literature research, excavate and sort out the handed down literature and unearthed literature of Qigong, and conduct evidence-based research on the clinical research report of traditional Qigong methods. In the aspect of basic research, use brain reading technology as a tool to explore the specific physiological indexes of Qigong state. In the aspect of clinical research, focus on the observation of the curative effect of Gongfa on the prevention and treatment of common clinical diseases.

Medical services: continue to strengthen the "Qigong + specialized disease" diagnosis and treatment mode focusing on traditional Chinese medicine non drug therapy, give play to its unique role and advantages in the prevention and treatment of common diseases, frequently occurring diseases, chronic diseases and health management of key populations in Qigong correction, acupuncture and Tuina combined Qigong exercise treatment, so as to provide high-quality traditional Chinese medicine health services for community patients.

Social services: actively explore online and offline combination, online science popularization in Qigong online learning platform and Wechat official account launched multi lingual teaching video. "Three Entrances" (into communities, campuses and institutions) have been fully launched offline.

International exchanges: continue to cooperate with the Eastern Medical School of the First University of Lyon in France to open an elective course of approaching traditional Chinese medicine, start the construction of Taiji health wisdom classroom, develop a free mobile phone application of "Taiji health" skill, and produce 24 bilingual short videos of Qigong, which will be put on overseas social networks and overseas channels of domestic media. It is used to promote Chinese traditional health preservation methods and Taiji health concept.

Our staff

The Institute has 1 director, 1 vice-director, 1 general Party branch secretary, 39 staff members on the payroll and 3 dispatched members. Regarding educational background, 3 has doctorate degree and 13 have master degree. Regarding professional and technical titles, 6 have vice-senior titles, 22 have middle titles and 8 have junior titles.

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