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The Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine Literature


Our responsibilities

The Institute was founded in 1981. Our major responsibilities are as follows:

  1. From the perspective of medicine, history and philology, we carry out the collation and research of the ancient traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) works, and study the theory, experience, academic characteristics, cultural connotation and development law of TCM.

  2. Develop the two subjects: the Literature of TCM Medical History and the TCM Literature.

  3. Training postgraduates.

Our achievements

  1. We have undertaken the projects of the National Social Science Fund of China and National Administration of TCM; we have been ahead in the researches of the unearthed medical bamboo slips and silk books, and the medical related contents in Dao Zang (《道藏》)and Da Zang Jing (《大藏经》).

  2. Published medical monographs and compile medical series, such as: Shen Jiang Yi Cui (《申江医萃》), Jin Dai Zhong Yi Wei Kan Ben Jing Xuan (《近代中医未刊本精选》), Zhong Guo Gu Yi Ji Zheng Li Cong Shu (《中国古医籍整理丛书》), Jin Dai Guo Yi Ming Jia Zhen Cang Chuan Xin Jiang Gao (《近代国医名家珍藏传薪讲稿》) and Hai Shang Yi Shi - Jin Dai Shang Hai Zhong Yi Yao Wen Hua (《海上医事-近代上海中医药文化》).

  3. Publish Yearbook of TCM of China (Academic Volume)(《中国中医药年鉴》学术卷), which is comprehensive, historical, academic and authoritative. It is the only reference book that presents the academic achievements and progress of TCM in China.

  4. Compile Annual Report on Science, Technology and Humanities of TCM (《中医药科技人文年度报告》), which is a research report on the latest progress in the field of science, technology and humanities of TCM.

  5. We have held the national-level continuing education project - "The Advanced Seminar on the Research and Utilization of TCM Literature" for years, which has become a brand in the field.

  6. Hold international and domestic academic seminars on the researches on TCM literature.

  7. We have trained 50 postgraduates in the past five years.

Our ongoing activities

1. Develop the two subjects: the Literature of TCM Medical History and the TCM Literature; further the researches on the history of TCM academic development, TCM academic schools, TCM culture, the languages of ancient medical books, TCM classics, the informatization of documents, etc.

2. Build an important think tank for TCM literature research, TCM culture communication and international promotion of TCM.

3. Focusing on the prevention and treatment of serious diseases and difficult syndromes, we sort out the academic experience based on TCM Classics and ancient literature, so that the clinical application value of literature will be increased.

4. Hold high-level academic forums and seminars, and enhance the interaction of academic resources.

Our staff

The Institute has 34 staff, including 4 with senior professional titles and 11 with deputy senior professional titles; 19 doctors and 12 masters; 32 researchers and 2 administrative staff.

Contact Us

Telephone: 021-51322635


Address: 1200 Cai Lun Road, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Pudong New Area, Shanghai