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Institute of Chinese Materia Medica (ICMM)



ICMM belongs to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Shanghai Academy of TCM, and it was established as an independent department for basic and applied research of modern Chinese medicine in 1985. Professor Zhibi Hu, one of the first academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, was appointed as the first director of the institute. The current director of ICMM is Professor Zhengtao Wang, the first recipient of The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars in Chinese Meteria Medica.

Our Aims

ICMM aims to inherit, develop, and innovate Chinese material medica for the modernization and globalization. The institute focuses on biotechnology and sustainable utilization of TCM resources, quality and efficacy evaluation of TCM, material basis and action mechanism of TCM, as well as TCM-based drug innovation.

Our Platforms

ICMM is equipped with Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education for Standardization of Chinese Medicines, Key Laboratory of National TCM Authority for Chinese Medicine New Resources and Quality Evaluation, Shanghai Key Laboratory of Compound Chinese Medicines, and Shanghai TCM Standardization Research Center.  

Our achievements

After development of more than thirty years, ICMM has made great achievements in terms of training center construction, discipline development, talents cultivation, academic research, standard establishment, academic exchange, and social services.

ICMM has made outstanding contributions to discipline construction, and it is one of attached institutions and major construction departments for national first-level disciplines and key disciplines of Science of Chinese Materia Medica. In the first-level discipline assessment held by the Ministry of Education, Science of Chinese Materia Medica has been ranked at the first place continuously in 2007-2009 and 2010-2012; it is also a key discipline of the State Administration of TCM, a first-class discipline of Shanghai City (class A) and a constructing discipline of peak disciplines (class I). The Institute has been successively awarded as the Innovation Team of the Ministry of Education (upon excellent acceptance inspection and continued subsidies in 2014) and the National Excellent Postdoctoral Research Station.  

ICMM has hosted more than 580 scientific research projects such as National Significant New Medicine Development (key technology, preclinical studies, drug candidates), National Natural Science Foundation of China (key, surface and youth funds), National 973 Project (sub-project), 863 Plan, National Scientific Problem Tackling, as well as other projects sponsored by the Ministry of Education, the State Administration of TCM, the State Pharmacopeia Committee of China, the Science and Technology Committee of Shanghai and the Education Committee of Shanghai.

ICMM has published more than 1700 scientific papers, among which over 800 are indexed by SCI. It has obtained 82 authorized patents and published 40 monographs in the name of the chief editor, associate editor or the editorial board member. It has won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award for 4 times, the first prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award for 3 times, and the first prize of Natural Science Progress Award of the Ministry of Education. Furthermore, it has developed and revised national, local and enterprise standards for TCM with advanced technologies and methods, and improved the standard level of TCM. Totally over 90 standards for TCM have been adopted by Chinese Pharmacopoeia (edition 2005, 2010, 2015 and 2020). In addition, the institute has completed and published 6 international standards on TCM.

ICMM has cultivated 161 Ph.D candidates, 336 master degree candidates and 42 post-doctors, among which 4 candidates won the award nomination for Excellent National Doctorial Dissertations and 1 candidate won the Incentive Plan for Hong Kong Scholars conferred by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.   

Our ongoing activities

ICMM has formed characteristics and advantages in biotechnology and standardization study of TCM. Based on the strategic demand of modernization and internalization of TCM, ICMM currently focuses on the following fields: 1) sustainable utilization of biotechnology and resources of TCM; 2) quality and functional evaluation of TCM; 3) pharmacodynamic material basis and functional mechanism of TCM and compound medicines; 4) discovery and development of innovative medicines and other construction orientations.     

Our staffs

There are 49 staffs now in the institute, including 16 senior researchers and 12 associate senior researchers. In addition, there are 2 Academicians, 2 National Distinguished Youngsters, 3 National Excellent Youngsters, 4 New Century Talents conferred by the Ministry of Education, 1 Hong Kong Scholar conferred by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, 1 Orientalist of Shanghai, 2 Academic Leaders of Shanghai, 5 Dawn Scholars and 8 Science and Technology Leaders. With a galaxy of talents, it is a modern talent highland for researches on TCM.   

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Telephone: 021-51322513


Address: Room 5101, 1200 Cailun Road, Pudong District, Shanghai 201203, P.R.China