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The Institute of Tui-Na


Our responsibilities

The Institute of Tui-Na has four research laboratories: Tui-Na Biomechanics and Gait and Motion Analysis Research Laboratory, which is mainly focused on the study of the kinematics and dynamics of human joints and muscles, has been certified as an accredited motion laboratory and the first certified clinical motion analysis laboratory in non-English speaking countries. Tui-Na Clinical Research Laboratory focuses on researching the efficacy of Tui-Na manipulation and the other traditional Chinese manipulation methods in clinical diseases. Tui-Na Literature Standardization Research Laboratory of which the main direction is to collate Tui-Na literature and standardize Tui-Na techniques and gong methods. Tui-Na Neurobiology Research Laboratory focused on the research of treating analgesia by Tui-Na methods.

Our achievements

The institute of Tui-Na presided over 17 national projects, including 1 National Outstanding Young Scientists Fund, 1 "973 Program" of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, 1 Key Research and Development Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, one important project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and 13 surface projects and youth projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. The institute has won 1 national teaching achievement award, 1 special award of Shanghai teaching achievement, 2 first-class awards of Shanghai Municipal People's Government for scientific and technological progress, 1 third-class award of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award, 2 second-class awards from the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China for scientific and technological progress, 1 third-class award of the Chinese Medical Association for scientific and technological progress, 1 second-class award of the Chinese Society of Integrative Medicine for scientific and technical progress, and 2 awards of the Chinese Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc. The team has won many scientific and technological awards, as well as the Shanghai Quality Gold Award. The team has established 4 industry standards, been granted 26 patents, published more than 330 academic papers, edited more than 10 textbooks and monographs, and trained more than 40 masters and doctors.

Our ongoing activities

1. The research of Tui-Na Application

The research team has created the doctrine of "focus on the tendon to treat the imbalance of tendons and bones " for spinal diseases and scientifically supported the characteristic model of "treating tendons first and then fine-tuning bones"; collected 1080 samples of the mechanical parameters from six types of Tui-Na techniques by various famous Tui-Na masters, and finally constructed a biomechanical research model of the Tui-Na techniques.

2. Clinical research on Tui-Na

We improved the traditional long-leverage spinal manipulation by integrating the characteristics of western spinal manipulation mechanics and improved the spinal fine-tuning manipulation system based on the theory of "homeopathic extraction and extension, artificial instability, sectioning the movement and reverse the adjustment", which significantly improves the efficacy and safety of the clinical treatments.

3. Tui-Na educational research

The research team built the first objective evaluation index system for basic knowledge and skills of Tui-Na, which became the standard and benchmark for the national acupuncture and massage skills competition.

Our staff

The institute has a director, a deputy director, 7 researchers, and 2 permanent technicians, including 4 senior, 3 intermediate, and 3 junior researchers, forming a reasonable research echelon.

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