Research Institutes

The Institute of Digestive Diseases


Our responsibilities

The Institute was founded in 2007.The main responsibility is to improve the clinical ability and scientific research level of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) prevention and treatment of spleen and stomach diseases.

Our achievements

We were awarded the first and second prizes of Science and Technology Progress Award by the Ministry of Education in 2014 and 2019, and the first prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award in 2020.

Our ongoing activities

  1. Conducting research projects of theNational Natural Science Foundation of China, Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality, Shanghai Municipal Health Commission and Shanghai Municipal Administrator of TCM.

  2. Shanghai Frontier Research Base of Disease and Syndrome Biology of Inflammatory cancer transformation.

  3. Working on collaborations with University of Ottawa in Canada, Indiana University in the United States and other internationally renowned research centers.

  4. Conducting research projects on prevention and treatment of digestive system diseases with TCM and clinical transformation.

Our staff

The Institute has 1 director, 1 vice-director and 8 staff members. Regarding educational background, 9 has doctorate degree of Chinese medicine, 4 have master degree of Chinese medicine. Four of them have senior titles, 3 have vice-senior titles and 3 have middle titles.

Contact Us

Telephone: 021-64385700-9507

Fax: 021-64385700


Address: No.12 Building, 5th floor, 725 Wanping Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China