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Characteristic Diagnosis and Treatment Technology Research Institute


Our responsibilities

The research institution was founded in 2010. Our major responsibilities are as follows:

  1. To systematically collate and evaluate traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) characteristic diagnosis and treatment techniques , and effective prescriptions;

  2. To conduct the research of famous old Chinese medicine doctors’ academic experience in Shanghai;

  3. To systematize, evaluate and promote "preventive treatment" service;

  4. Committed to studies on TCM standardization and culture.

Our achievements

By the end of 2021, we’ve involved in drafting 10 group standards on TCM, as the main participants. In addition, we’ve published 139 articles in the field of TCM. Among which, 15 papers are published in SCI included journals with a total impact factor of 33.5. We have been rewarded 13 relevant awards, including 1 state-level and 9 provincial-level awards. We have applied for 13 patents, 10 of which have been authorized. We have also undertaken 14 research projects of national and provincial level. We’ve completed and published 22 books in field of TCM, including 2 textbooks.

Our ongoing activities

1. Working on collaborations with district governments of Shanghai Municipality to strengthen the inheritance and protection of folk, ethnic medicine knowledge and traditional culture, to enhance the scientific and technological innovation capacity of folk and ethnic medicine, and to enhance the contribution of folk and ethnic medicine as well as the industry competitiveness.

2. Conducting research projects on health policy and TCM culture involving TCM diagnosis and treatment techniques and specialized personnel.

3. Establishing a laboratory to evaluate characteristic diagnosis and treatment technologies.

Our staff

The institute has 1 director, 1 vice-director and 9 staff members. Regarding educational background: 6 has doctorate degree of Chinese medicine, 4 have master degree of Chinese medicine. Regarding the professional title, 4 of them have senior titles, 3 have vice-senior titles and 3 have middle titles.

Contact Us

Telephone: 021-20256183

Fax: 021-20256183


Address: Room C2009, Administrative center, Shuguang hospital affiliated to Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine, 528 Zhangheng Road, Pudong District, Shanghai