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The Institute of Pediatrics of Traditional Chinese Medicine


The institute of pediatrics of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is applied medicine research institution and was founded in 2010, integrating basic and clinical research, and teaching tasks. Relying on the Municipal Hospital of TCM Affiliated to Shanghai University of TCM, pediatrics is a national key clinical specialty, a key discipline of the State Administration of TCM, a key specialty of the State Administration of TCM, a clinical base of Shanghai TCM Pediatrics, a general base for the inheritance of academic schools of Shanghai TCM Xu's pediatrics and Dong's Pediatrics, and a key clinical specialty of Shanghai. It provides a platform for the development of the Institute of Pediatrics of TCM. The team of Pediatrics Research Institute inherits the academic experience of its predecessors and actively carries out clinical and basic research related to the prevention and treatment of common and frequently occurring diseases in children with TCM. After years of development, it has formed a relatively stable main research direction with distinctive characteristics of TCM. There are four main research directions: the prevention and treatment of lung, spleen and kidney diseases in children with TCM and the inheritance of schools, which is in a leading position among the national counterparts.

Our responsibilities are as follows:

1. Basic research on prevention and treatment of children's diseases (respiratory system, digestive system, nervous system and other diseases) with TCM.

2. Carry out prospective and multi-center clinical research on TCM.

3. Undertake undergraduate, master, doctor and regular training.

Our achievements

By the end of 2021, the researchers of the institute have undertaken more than 100 projects, including more than 30 national projects and more than 70 projects above the bureau level. We have published more than 300 academic papers, including 20 papers included in SCI journals, and 6 academic monographs. We have also gotten 5 invention patents and 10 scientific research awards including the second prize of Science and Technology Award of Chinese Society of TCM, the Promotion Award of Scientific and Technological Achievements of Shanghai TCM, the second prize of Scientific and Technological Progress of Shanghai Society of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, the gold prize of Excellent Invention in Shanghai Excellent Invention Trial,the third prize of Scientific and Technological Progress Award of China Society of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, and the third prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award for integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine. Pediatrics of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine edited by Professor Yu Jianer in 2015 was rated the Excellent Teaching Material Award of Shanghai Ordinary Colleges and Universities by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. As the leader of the pediatric asthma cooperation group of the State Administration of TCM, Professor Yu Jianer took the lead in formulating the clinical diagnosis and treatment plan of pediatric asthma of the State Administration of TCM.

Our ongoing activities

1. Carry out a prospective, multicenter, observational cohort study under the leadership of pediatrics of Shanghai Hospital of TCM, with Beijing Children's Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University as the leading unit, and 25 hospitals such as Children's Hospital Affiliated to Chongqing Medical University, Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University, Qingdao Women's and Children's Hospital and Qingdao Municipal Hospital.

2. Conducting research projects on:

The immune mechanism of TCM intervention on airway inflammation, airway hyperresponsiveness and airway remodeling in asthma;

The regulatory mechanism of TCM on asthmathrough intestinal flora and "lung intestinal axis";

Neuroendocrine mechanism of TCMtreatment on childhood asthma.

3. To formulate the clinical guidelines for the prevention and treatment of childhood asthma with integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine.

Our staff

The Institute of Pediatrics of TCM integrates the pediatric forces of four hospitals affiliated to Shanghai University of TCM including Shuguang Hospital, Longhua Hospital and Yueyang Hospital, which is conducive to the optimization of management mechanism and the development of higher-level scientific research. The main supporting unit-the affiliated Municipal Hospital of TCM provides the institute with necessary supporting conditions such as development policies, technical support, logistics support and corresponding funds. Other supporting units, Longhua, Shuguang and Yueyang hospitals also give strong support to the construction of the Institute of Pediatrics of TCMfrom all the aspects.

Professor Yu Jianer is the first, second and honorary director of the institute. Professor Xue Zheng is the current director. Since its establishment, the institute has continuously expanded its scale and further improved its team structure. It has 4 doctoral tutors, 18 master tutors and 2 famous doctors of TCM in Shanghai. The institute has an academic leader in each research direction, 2 full-time researchers with doctoral degree and other fixed staffing.

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