Research Institutes

Interventional Cancer Institute of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine


Our responsibilities

The Institute was founded in 2010. Our major responsibilities are as follows:

1. Basic and clinical research on oncoma treated with combination of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine;

2. Research on tumor pharmacology of traditional Chinese medicine;

3. Research on tumor microenvironment and immunotherapy;

4. Research on materials (interventional and nanomaterials) engineering;

5. Research on carcinomatous pain;

6. Research on neoplasms prevention and control.

Our achievements

By the end of 2021, we’ve successively undertaken many scientific programs including the National Natural Science Foundation of China (general program, young scholars), Shanghai Science and Technology Development Funds and so on. In addition, we’ve published more than 80 scientific papers and 7 books. We have been rewarded many ministerial and provincial-level science and technology awards. Besides, we’ve cultivated a number of outstanding clinical and basic research talents such as "Rising Star" and "Xinglin Scholar".

Our ongoing activities

1. Working on collaborations with Shanghai University and East China University of Science and Technology;

2. Conducting 2 research projects form the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and 1 Science and Technology Innovation Project of Putuo district.

Our staff

The Institute has 1 director and 5 staff members. Regarding educational background, 1 has doctorate degree of surgery, 1 has doctorate degree of Chinese medicine, 1 has master degree of pharmaceutics, 2 have master degree of molecular biology and 1 has master degree of chemistry. One of them has senior title, 2 have vice-senior titles, 1 has middle title and 2 have primary titles.

Contact Us

Telephone: 021-22233222

Fax: 021-52665957


Address: 164 Lanxi Road, Pituo District, Shanghai