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Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine International Standardization


Our responsibilities

As early as in 2009, our team has been working on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) international standardization. Later in 2015, the Institute of TCM International Standardization was officially founded, consisted of 3 prestigious international platforms including ISO/TC 249 secretariat, WHO ICD11-ICTM, and WFCMS Committee of Standard Construction. Our role and main responsibilities cover:

  • Developing, promoting, and evaluation of TCM international standards

  • Research on management procedures, policies, and strategies of TCM International Standardization

  • Research on international classification of diseases in traditional medicine.

  • Research and international cooperation on traditional medicine

  • Research and developing of health-sector related standards

Our achievements

The institute develops and promotes TCM standards domestically and internationally. Our major achievements include:

  • Serving as officials of WHO, ISO, and WFCMS

  • Including TCM into WHO ICD-11

  • Developing and managing of more than 70 ISO standards for TCM

  • Authoring and publishing high quality books and articles of TCM international standardization

Our current activities

  • Establishing methodology of TCM standardization

    1. Quality evaluation of TCM standards and their impacts

    2. Setting up a visualization browsing platform for standards

  • Research on Traditional Medicine with global experts

    1. Translation and research on Acupuncture Acts of the United States of America

    2. Study on Ayurveda, chiropractic, traditional European medicine, Greco-Arab and Islamic Herbal Medicine, homeopathy, Japanese Kampo, Korean medicine

  • Industry survey and standard system development of high value Chinese materia medica

    1. Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer

    2. Panax notoginseng root and rhizome

Our staff

The institute has 8 faculties, including professors, chief physicians, senior researchers, and standardization engineers.

Contact us

Telephone: 021-53821522

Fax: 021-53821522


Address: Shuguang Building 7C, 189 Pu’an Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai