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The Institute of Vascular Anomalies


Our responsibilities

The Institute of Vascular Anomalies, Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)-Integrated Hospital was founded in 1991, is the earliest institute of vascular anomalies of TCM-Integrated in China. In 2019, the institute was officially confirmed the Institute of Vascular Anomalies, Shanghai Academy of TCM. Our major responsibilities are as follows:

  1. To carry out a series of researches on the academic thoughts of famous Chinese medicine, clinical efficacy evaluation, pathogenesis research and hospital preparation development around vascular anomalies. To provide new ideas and methods for the prevention and treatment of peripheral vascular diseases with integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, and benefit more patients with vascular anomalies.

  2. To cultivate high-tech talents including masters and doctors in the prevention and treatment of vascular anomalies with integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine.

Our achievements

The institute has gradually established a scientific research system combining basic and clinical research. It has won the second and the third prizes of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award and the third prize of National Ministry of Health Science and Technology Progress Award. Since 2019, we have undertaken more than 20 projects, including the Natural Science Foundation of China, the scientific and technological major project of "Major New Drug Creation" and other funds at all levels, with research funding of about 11.1703 million RMB. In addition, we have published more than 50 articles including more than 30 SCI included papers. We have been awarded the first prize of the 11th Shanghai TCM Science and Technology Award, the third prize of Science and Technology Award of the Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine, the third prize of Shanghai Pharmaceutical Science and Technology in 2020. Four patents have been granted and 2 patents have been transferred.

Our ongoing activities

  1. Working on collaborations with first-class research institutions in China, such as Institute of Interdisciplinary Science, Innovative Institute of Chinese Medicine, School of Medicine of Shanghai University of TCM and Tongji University.

  2. Conduct multi-center clinical observational studies and evaluation focusing on "one wound" (vasculopathy-related wound); "Three diseases" (Xi's diabetic foot, arteriosclerosis obliterans of limbs, venous and inflammatory vascular diseases); Three recipes (Sanhuang Xiaoyan Recipe, Ruanjian Qingmai Recipe, Qingluo Tongmai Recipe). The basic research, clinical evaluation, Chinese medicine big data platform construction for immunity around vascular and infection are carried out to strengthen the transformation of scientific research achievements, enhance the competitiveness of scientific research, and strive to build a national first-class vascular disease research institute.

Our staff

The Institute consists of a famous Chinese medicine inheritance studio, a clinical laboratory, a basic and new drug laboratory, a laboratory for external treatment of Chinese medicine, a testing center and an academic committee. The Institute has 1 director, 1 vice-director and 13 staff members including 1 Shanghai leading talent of traditional Chinese medicine and 2 national outstanding TCM clinical talents. Regarding educational background, 2 have doctorate degrees of Chinese medicine, 1 has doctorate degree of integrated Chinese and Western medicine, 1 has doctorate degree of pharmacology, 1 has master degree of pharmacology and 1 has master degree of genetics. Three of them have senior titles, 1 has vice-senior title and 1 has middle title. We have 2 doctoral supervisors and 4 postgraduate tutors. Furthermore, 3 persons serve as the main leaders of several academic societies.

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Address: Shanghai TCM-Integrated institute of Vascular Anomalies, Floor 1, Building 5, Shanghai TCM-Integrated Hospital, Shanghai University of TCM, 230 Baoding Road, Shanghai