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Institute of Health Management and Industrial Development


Our responsibilities

The Institute was founded in 2021. Our major responsibilities are as follows:

1. Build a domestic first-class health management discipline with integrated Chinese and Western medicine characteristics, and cultivate a group of outstanding health management professionals;

2. Using big data and artificial intelligence as the starting point, explore a new health regional management model that combines medical care and health care, and build a professional and leading regional health management data research platform;

3. Taking the promotion of the stable development of the Chinese medicine health industry as our responsibility, develop and promot Chinese medicine health products combining the resources of the University of Chinese Medicine with our experience; formulate the theoretical standards of health products and contribute to the development of the Chinese medicine health industry.

Our ongoing activities

1. We are actively cooperating with the School of Public Health of Fudan University and the School of Public Health of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Based on the population health management data of the Pudong area, and using big data and artificial intelligence as the breakthrough point, we are exploring the new model of health management that combines both medical care and health care.

2. A personalized health service model for full-cycle intervention management with the characteristics of integrated Chinese and Western medicine on chronic fatigue syndrome, wound healing, and cardiac rehabilitation as the dominant diseases is being established. At the same time, a multi-faceted research work on dominant diseases is being carried out.

3. Strengthening cooperation with enterprises, actively transforming existing health products, developing new health products, and exploring the development path of the characteristic industry of traditional Chinese medicine.

Our staff

The institute consists of three departments: Regional Big Data Research Office, Health Management Demonstration Research Office, and Health Industry Research Office. The director is Jiening Wang, who is the dean of Shanghai Seventh People's Hospital, and vice-director is Jun Hu, and there are 8 scientific researchers. In terms of educational background, there are 5 doctors and 5 masters. Among them, there are 2 senior titles, 2 vice-senior titles, and 6 intermediate titles.

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Address: 358 Datong Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai