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Online workshop promotes TCM in 4 languages


An international student volunteer cooperates with a teacher to display tuina techniques.

The 2022 Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Workshop for Medical Professionals from Countries along the Belt and Road, which ran from Oct 7 to Nov 4, introduced TCM to foreign participants in four languages.

It was sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and organized by the Shanghai University of TCM. This is the fifth workshop held by Shanghai University of TCM since 2017.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year's workshop was held online and was streamed live in English, French, Japanese and Korean. The interpreter team consists of faculty members of the university's International Education College.

The workshop attracted more than 200 participants from 21 countries such as Germany, Belgium and France, including professors from famous medical schools, heads of major departments of medical institutions, practitioners, and overseas TCM enthusiasts.

The online courses systematically displayed and introduced TCM-related medical policies, clinical advantages, scientific and technological innovations, characteristic diagnosis and treatment technologies, health preservation practices, and traditional Chinese culture.

The content was taught via special lectures, clinical introductions, virtual visits, exercises, cultural displays, and alumni sharing sessions.

The event is intended to help participants further understand Shanghai, China, TCM culture, and the historical development and clinical application of TCM, and especially the history of TCM in fighting plagues and the important role it has played in epidemic prevention and control in recent years.

Teachers teach an online course at Shanghai University of TCM.

Faculty members of the university's International Education College translate the online courses in real time.