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Shanghai TCM University holds online lecture for Singaporean medics


The Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) held an online training lecture for more than 140 Singaporean TCM medical workers on Oct 3.

The lecture was entitled "Acupuncture treatment for mental illness (depression, anxiety, and fear)", and was delivered by Zhou Yu, associate professor at the university's international education college.

Zhou analyzed theories on meridian and internal organs and combined them with actual clinical cases to teach participants how to select effective acupoints, as well as classic needling and moxibustion techniques. He was also available to answer questions.

The university's international education college signed an agreement with the Singaporean Tongji Medical Research Institute on July 3 to deepen cooperation in the field of TCM. According to the agreement, the former will hold lectures by experienced experts for Singaporean TCM medical workers to help enhance their knowledge and clinical skills.