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TCM workshop for intl medical experts held at SHUTCM


A number of international medical professionals attend the Traditional Chinese Medicine Workshop organized by SHUTCM.

The 2019 Traditional Chinese Medicine Workshop for Professionals from Countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) began on Oct 14 at the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SHUTCM).

This year, 35 government officials from various health departments, doctors and professors from 15 BRI countries attended the workshop.

This is the third time the event has been hosted by the Shanghai Education Commission. It will last for three weeks and showcase various aspects of TCM through lectures, hospital visits, academic salons, and cultural activities.

Attendees will learn about medical policy, special clinical diagnosis and treatment, regimen practices, and technological innovation related to TCM.

Xu Jianguang, president of the university, said that the medical concepts embodied by TCM have been proven to be effective and have been spread to more than 100 countries. This is what led to the opening of the workshop, which aims to bolster frequent dialogues among the international medical community.

Chen Kaixian, academic at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, delivered a speech entitled "TCM and global medical development" at the opening ceremony. He discussed the development of TCM and the contributions it has made to improving public health.