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Best celebrations for Mid-Autumn Festival: dumplings or Shanghai dialect?


Students at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine pose with their handmade dumplings. They were attending a celebration for the Mid-Autumn Festival which fell on Oct 4 this year. [Photo/]

Tasty dumplings (Chinese: 饺子) and the soft Shanghai dialect have made the Mid-Autumn Festival a fulfilling and enjoyable experience for overseas students at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The foreigners immersed themselves in making dumplings, a popular dish enjoyed most by people living in the northern areas of China to celebrate every joyous occasion.

Under the guidance of teacher Ni Hongxia, the students collaborated in groups of five to create a variety of stylish dumplings, such as ones shaped like willow leaves, the crescent moon and steamed buns.

They also enjoyed making "fortune dumplings", which are filled with coins and other special ingredients, and are symbols of good luck and happiness for people who eat them.

The classes in the Shanghai dialect, which is regarded as a treasure of the Jiangnan area (the region south of the Yangtze River Delta), introduced the students to a different cultural atmosphere.

By learning the typical pronunciation of numbers, dates and other common expressions, the students tried their utmost to grasp the essence of various tones and pitches and got a better understanding of Shanghai's history and customs.

Students pose for a group photo after an immersion class in the Shanghai dialect. It is regarded the lingual essence of areas south of the Yangtze River Delta. [Photo/]