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Overseas students enjoy Mid-Autumn Festival party


Overseas students at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine attend a Mid-Autumn Festival party held by the Malaysian students association on Sept 23. [Photo from WeChataccout SHUTCMIEC]

The Malaysian students association at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine held a Mid-Autumn Festival party on Sept 23, inviting overseas students to learn about the annual Chinese celebration.

Mooncake, the must-have sweet enjoyed during Mid-Autumn Festival was introduced to the foreigners. The miniature cake resembles the full moon and represents a symbol for prosperity, happiness and family reunion in China.

The students tried their hands at making snowy mooncakes – a novel type of mooncake with its outer layer made from glutinous rice flour. The white and clear appearance, which is quite different from the traditional caramel-colored ones, has contributed to mooncakes wide popularity in recent years.

The students learned carefully step by step, from how to make the dough, filling, and press each cake into the molds, to finally place them into an oven to bake.

They also learned about the history and customs surrounding the Mid-Autumn Festival. They were told the story of Chang'e Flying to the Moon, the best time to appreciate the full moon, and the moon worshipping traditions.

Students pose with their handmade snowy mooncakes. The must-have sweet features an outer layer made from glutinous rice flour. [Photo from WeChataccout SHUTCMIEC]