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The Center for Studies on International Classification of Traditional Medicine (ICTM) and Service Evaluation


Our responsibilities

In June 2014, the Center for Studies on International Classification of Traditional Medicine (ICTM) and Service Evaluation was set up at the SHUTCM. Through our work at the Center, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine hopes to consolidate the historic breakthrough—inclusion of traditional medicine in the International Family of Classification, and facilitate the implementation of the WHO Traditional Medicine Strategy 2014-2033.

Our major responsibilities are therefore as follows:

lTo focus on traditional medical practitioners and conduct quality assurance and evaluation of clinical service.

lTo collaborate with health administrations of the WHO member states and establish a working platform for WHO collaborating centers in traditional medicine around the world.

lTo set up an information bank for clinical application and service evaluation of ICTM.

Our mission

In collaboration with the WHO, the Center seeks to facilitate the implementation of ICTM as well as the WHO Traditional Medicine Strategy 2014-2033, provide decision-making basis for WHO member states regarding the quality and safety of traditional medicine service and thus ensure the proper use of traditional medicine and promote its role in global healthcare service.

Our staff

The Center has 5 full-time researchers (including 2 senior researchers and 1 associate senior researcher) and a research team consists of multidisciplinary (clinical medicine and basic medical sciences) research staff; some of them had volunteering experience with the WHO. In addition, the Center also has an Advisory Committee composed of experts from international organizations, trade management and professional associations and an expert panel in basic medical sciences, clinical subspecialties, classification of diseases, and translators of Chinese medicine.

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