Research Centers

The Health & Nutrition Research Room


Our staff

Founded in 2004, the Research Room has 4 researchers, including 2 senior researchers, 1 associate senior researcher and 1 assistant researcher, coupled with 3 doctorate students and 15 Master Degree students. In addition, our staff also tutored 5 undergraduates for their graduation thesis.

Our research orientations

lEmpirical study on TCM Intervention for chronic metabolic diseases (fatty liver, breast cancer, etc.)

lBiopharmaceutical characteristics and absorption mechanism of flavone and anti-nutrient phytic acid in Chinese materia medica

lAnalytical study on volatile nutritional ingredients in plants

Our research projects (Up to 1.6 million RMB)

lNational Natural Science Foundation (1)

lNational Science & Technology Pillar Program during the 11th 5-year plan (1)

lShanghai Natural Science Foundation (2)

lProvincial-level Research Projects (6)

lHorizontal Cooperation Projects (15)

Our achievements

lPublished more than 70 academic papers, including SCI included 15 papers.

lShanghai ‘Meiji Life Sciences Award’ (2012).

Our vision

In the years ahead, we’ll continue with multidisciplinary collaboration in basic and applied research, especially the action and mechanism of non-nutritional active substance in plants for the prevention and treatment of chronic metabolic disorders. In addition, we’ll conduct in-depth clinical trial on dietary intervention for fatty liver and cancer.

Contact Us

Address: Room 323, Building No 2, 1200 Cailun Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai 201203

Telephone: 021-51322407

Fax: 021-51322407