Research Centers

The Center for Cultural Studies and Promotion of TCM Culture


The Center for Cultural Studies and Promotion of TCM Culture was founded in November 2009. Then in April 2010, the Center became a key research base for humanity and social science for higher-learning institutions in Shanghai. Today, it is also the base for ‘Studies of TCM Culture’—a key discipline of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Center has authored more than 10 books on TCM culture and literature.

Over the recent years, the Center has been engaged in promoting health culture and has received positive feedbacks from the public.

Our staff

The Center has 7 staff members, including Prof. Yan Shiyun (director of the Center), Prof. Li Qizhong (executive vice director) and Prof. Zhu Bangxian (vice director). In addition, guest professors and consultants have been invited from the SHUTCM, FudanUniversity, Shanghai Museum and Shanghai Normal University.

Our research orientations

lExcavation and Rearrangement of Ancient TCM Books and Informatics

lFoundation of TCM Culture and Methodology Study

lTCM Philosophy of Health & Health Cultivation and Applied Studies

Our ongoing research projects

lNational key project of philosophy and social science

lShanghai municipal research project of philosophy and social science

lDecision-making consultation project for Shanghai Municipal Government

lInnovative project of the Shanghai Education Commission

Our courses

lChinese Cultural Classics and Traditional Chinese Medicine

lAn Introduction to Zhou Yi (Book of Changes)

lElegance and Literature in Wei-Jin Dynasties (220-420)

lAppreciation & Analysis of Calligraphy and Seal Cutting

Contact us

Address: 8th floor, LibraryBuilding, 1200 Cailun Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

Telephone/Fax: 021-51322297