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The Research Center for TCM Complex System


Traditional Chinese medicine has always been considered as a complexity science. Its holistic view coincides with the systemic view in complexity science. Founded in November 2015, the Research Center for TCM Complex System is an open public organization affiliated to the SHUTCM.

Our mission

The Center seeks to explore and solve complex problems in Chinese medicine using interdisciplinary knowledge and advance innovative studies in Chinese medical theories and practice, with the goal of acquiring and analyzing complex information in TCM and bioinformatics for high-throughput sequencing fromthe perspective of disease syndrome and compound Chinese medical formulae and conducting exemplary research on TCM complex system.

Our achievements

lConstruction of analysis platform for TCM complex system and experiment platform for systems biology.

lConstruction of uncertain system analysis and evaluation methods for clinical TCM syndrome studies.

lConstruction of prediction and identification model regarding diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of diseases and syndromes.

lResearch advance in the ‘efficacy enhancing and toxicity reducing’ effect of integrated Chinese and Western medicine for malignant cancer.

Our staff

The Center has an exceptional interdisciplinary staff. Currently, the director of the Center is Su Shibing (senior researcher), whose research focuses are TCM complex system, TCM diagnosis, treatment and assessment technique and TCM pharmacology. In addition, two American professors have also been invited for international cooperation.

Contact Us

Address: Room 420, Building No 2, 1200 Cailun Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai 201203

Telephone: 021-51322755, 021-51323013

Fax: 021-51323013