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About the Director of the SHUTCM WHO Collaborating Center for Traditional Medicine


    Prof. Shi Jianrong is the director of SHUTCM WHO Collaborating Center for Traditional Medicine. She earned her doctorate in basic sciences of integrative Chinese and Western medicine at the SHUTCM. She has also conducted research as a visiting scholar at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

Prof. Shi Jianrong is currently the Vice President of SHUTCM, member of the University Academic Committee, and the academic leader of Basic Sciences of Integrative Chinese and Western Medicine, Shanghai Education Commission. Her professional affiliations include the China Society of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, Shanghai Association of Chinese Integrative Medicine, and the China Translation Association of Chinese Medicine. She sits on the editorial boards of the Journal of Integrative Medicine, Chinese Journal of Otorhinolaryngology in Integrative Medicine and Medicine Teaching in University (Electronic Edition).

Prof. Shi Jianrong has long been engaged in basic research and teaching of integrative Chinese and Western medicine. Her research interests focus on studying traditional Chinese medical theory from the perspective of modern science, for example, medical research on interactions between the ears and concept of kidney in Chinese medicine and biological study on cold/heat constitution in Chinese medicine. As a team leader of top-quality courses, she also teaches Physiology, Experimental Technology in Physiology, and Exploratory Comprehensive Experiment in Chinese Medicine.

Prof. Shi Jianrong has chaired more than 20 research projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation (NNSF), Rising-Star Program, Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, Excellent Young Teachers Program, Ministry of Education and Shuguang Program, Shanghai Education Commission. She has authored over 80 articles on research and education in core journals. Her professional distinctions include the 3rd prize of Ministerial-level Science and Technology Progress Award, Shanghai Yucai Award, the 2nd prize of National Teaching Award, the 3rd prize of Shanghai Teaching Award, and the 3rd prize of Shanghai Education & Research Award.