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The Office of Academic Affairs  

Our core value

Our shared values and commitments include:


lEqual attention to inheritance and innovation

lFusion of multidisciplinary knowledge

lPersonal development

Our academic priorities

Three goals are fundamental to our future success:

lIntegrated research and teaching

lDefining features


Our philosophy

We pursue ‘excellence rather than size, distinctiveness rather than inclusiveness and use rather than fame’.

Our vision

The SHUTCM aims to be a preeminent university with sharp characteristics of Chinese medicine, with the goal of becoming an exemplary TCM university in discipline advancement, social service and core competitiveness.

Our objective for students

Empowered by the education at SHUTCM, our students will be equipped with solid TCM theory and practice, profound TCM culture and modern medical knowledge coupled with innovative thinking.

Our faculty, disciplines and majors

The SHUTCM has 15 doctorate degree programs in three first-degree disciplines, namely Chinese Medicine, Chinese Materia Medica and Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine, 23 Master’s degree programs, 3 postdoctoral research areas and 12 undergraduate disciplines.

Table 1 Catalog for 2012-2013 Undergraduate Programs

Chinese Medicine (7 years)

Chinese Medicine (oriented at acupuncture & tuina) (7 years)

Chinese Medicine (5 years)

Acupuncture & Tuina

Chinese Materia Medica

Clinical Integrative Chinese & Western Medicine

Rehabilitation medicine

Pharmacy (China-UK joint-degree program)


Food hygiene and nutrition

Public Affairs Management

Chinese language