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Workshop on TCM for international medical expats held in SHUTCM

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Xu  Jianguang, president of SHUTCM, speaks at the 2018 Traditional Chinese  Medicine Workshop for High-end Professionals from Countries involved in  the Belt and Road Initiative, Oct 17.

The  2018 Traditional Chinese Medicine Workshop for High-end Professionals  from Countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) opened at  Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SHUTCM) on Oct 17.

Thirty-six government officials, doctors and professors from 19 BRI countries attended the workshop.

The  second edition held by the National Chinese Medicine Higher Education  Association, the workshop will last for three weeks and showcase various  aspects of TCM through lectures, hospital visits, academic salons and  cultural activities.

Xu  Jianguang, president of SHUTCM, said the core idea of treatment and  prevention embodied in TCM theories complements Western medical  principles. That led to the opening of the workshop, aiming to bolster  frequent dialogues between the two philosophies.

Chen  Kaixian, academician at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, delivered a  speech introducing the development of TCM and its contribution towards  improving public health conditions.

Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine contributed to this story.

The event gathers 36 government officials, doctors and professors from 19 BRI countries.

Attendees of the event pose for a group photo.