Professor Chen Yiping’s research project won the first prize of 2016 Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award

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OnMarch 22, Professor Chen Yiping from Longhua affiliated hospital of theUniversity, was presented with the first prize of 2016 Shanghai Science andTechnology Award for his remarkable contributions to the innovative research intreating chronic kidney disease(CKD).


Longhuaaffiliated hospital has conducted many innovative methodologies to treatchronic kidney problems. Chen, as the leading researcher in the field, hasgained the honor for the research project Application and Mechanism Study ofTherapeutic Principle of Mediating San Jiao in Treating Chronic Kidney Disease.

Chen’s research group has long beenengaged in the clinical research of traditional Chinese medicine in theprevention and treatment of chronic kidney diseases, and integrated thesyndrome differentiation of “Sanjiao” into clinical practice to solve theclinical difficulties .


Currently, around 120 millionpatients are suffering from chronic kidney disease in China, which has been aheavy burden on public health resources. The therapeutic method of mediating “Sanjiao”in treating chronic kidney problems has been applied into clinical practice forover 30 years, and more than 3000,000 patients benefited from the therapy.


Chen said that Chinese medicinephysicians have long been dedicated to the treatment of chronic kidney diseasesfor more than 50 years, in order to extend the span of the deterioratingprocess of chronic kidney failure.


The University has achieved 5 awardsin all. Xing Lianjun from Longhua affiliated hospital, Zhao chunying fromShuguang affiliated hospital, Chen Yunfei from Yueyang affiliated hospital, andXu Shifen from Shanghai municipal hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine havebeen awarded at the ceremony.