WHO Director General Margaret Chan visited Shanghai Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Release time:2016-12-08visits:87

On November 22, accompanied by Deputy Mayor ofShanghai Weng Tiehui, the delegation of 6 led by WHO Director General Margaret Chan, together with the assistant Director General Ren Minghui, WHO representative in China Bernhard Schwartländer visited Shanghai Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine during the 9th Global Conference onHealth Promotion.

The delegation visitedthe exhibition of medical collections across different dynasties, Chinese Medicine culture exhibition and Shanghai styled Chinese Medicine. The treasure of Shanghai Museum of Chinese Medicine, the bronze acupuncture figure in the Qing dynasty draws the most attention. Chan closely watched the figure and saidthat a bronze acupuncture figure presented by the Chinese government was displayed in the WHO headquarters. Chan stated that as the outstanding representative of the Chinese culture, Chinese Medicine should promote itself following the Belt and Road Initiative. Walking past Chen Lianfang’s study and Shanghai styled Chinese Medicine exhibition area, Chen also appreciated the ancient herbal formula and the development of establishing Chinese Medicine School, hospital and the integration of Chinese and western medicine.

Chan extended best wishes to the University and inscribed for the university that Chinese Medicine is the treasure of the Chinese nation and should be promoted. She shared her experience of learning Chinese Medicine during her appointment as the head of the Health Department of Hong Kong, when she organized the professionals of senior Chinese Medicine doctors and professionals from the industry to investigate the resources of Chinese medicine and stipulate the regulations of the export of Chinese Medicine.She also pointed out the integration between Chinese and western medicine and encouragedthe professionals from the mainland and Hong Kong to make concerted efforts.

During the visit, the attendees present were the Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission Zhang Xiong, Deputy Mayor of Pudong New District Feng Wei, Deputy Mayor LiGuohua, President of the University Xu Jianguang and Vice President He Xinghai.