The University Launched the Ceremony for the Shanghai-Ottawa Joint TCM School

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On October 12, the University launched the ceremony for the initiate of the Shanghai-Ottawa College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The President of the University of Ottawa, Jacques Fermont, Vice President Mona Nemer, Dean of the Medical School JacquesBradwjen, Assistant Dean Yuwei Jay Wang were present at the ceremony.


The attendees of the University are head of the University Board Zhang Zhiqiang, President of theUniversity Xu Jianguang, Vice President Hu Hongyi and heads of all colleges and departments, as well as affiliated hospitals.


Hu introduced the background and cooperative mode of the project. The two universities will achieve the goalof faculty staff and students exchanges, and share mutual resources to form aunique and special medical teaching environment.


Xu pointed out that with thepromotion of internationalisation of Chinese Medicine, the university will regard the program as the accelerator to improve the level of TCM talents. Xu said that the university has been greatly supported by the University of Ottawa, and many other international institutions. The University will make the most of the opportunity to further enhance international cooperation, expand cooperativeareas and improve management levels and qualities of the teaching faculty.


Jacques Fermont expressedthat he was deeply impressed with rich course content and well-established facilities. People from all over the world could benefit a lot from the treasure of Chinese medicine, however; their understanding of Chinese Medicineis far from being comprehensive. The joint efforts invested by the bilateralsides will make a leading step in the field. Xu extended his wishes to promote Chinese Medicine to the University of Ottawa.


With the witness of thebilateral sides, Zhang and Xu, together with Jacques Fermont and Mona Nemer announced the launching of the program.

The delegates from theUniversity of Ottawa also visited Shanghai Museum of Traditional ChineseMedicine. (International Office, Academic Affairs Office)