International guests gathered in Shanghai for the commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of the University

Release time:2016-06-02visits:12

At the special occasion of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the university, international guests from overseas partner institutions have come all the way to celebrate and witness this grand ceremony.

At the commemorative ceremony of the 60th anniversary, 198 international guests from more than 20 countries and 70 universities, hospitals, enterprises, associations, and governmental organizations participated. President of Paris Descartes, Frederic Dardel addressed in the ceremony, extending his very best wishes. President from Augusta University, Brook A. Keel, president from University of Malta, Juanito Camilleri, CEO of Inova Health System, the Second Mayor of Hamburg in Germany, Katharina Fegebank, as well as President of ISO/TC 249, David Graham sent their wishes and gracious support to the university.

The university held the high-level forum for Overseas Partner Institutions and the sub-forum of international education, as well as the Symposium of Global University Network of Traditional Medicine.

President of the university, Xu Jianguang and other leading officers held 20 bilateral meetings with overseas cooperative partners, which consolidates friendship between the university and partner institutions and expand cooperative fields.

The university of Auckland and Semmelweis University have signed cooperative agreements with the university respectively, providing more opportunities for faculty members and students.

The 60th commemorative ceremony has fully demonstrated the comprehensive capacity in medical teaching and research. The international guests expressed their appreciation to the rapid development of internationalization in the university, and extended wishes to develop further cooperation in education, medicine, scientific research and other areas.