Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Career Opportunities for High-caliber Talents

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I、Introduction to the University (aka.SHUTCM)

Established in 1956, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the first four TCM higher education institutions in China. The university shares management system with Shanghai Academy of TCM. In2003, the University was relocated to Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park in Pudong District, making it an indispensable part of the “Zhangjiang Pharmaceutical Valley” which serves Shanghai’s strategy of building an innovation-driven city.

The university is committed to education and research while focusing on developing its unique strength. Currently, the university has 7 affiliated hospitals, 22 affiliated or joint research institutions and 15 research centers. Further more, there are 600 professors, 60 Shanghai Renowned TCM Doctors, 3 academicians, and 76 supervisors of national TCM inheritance classes at SHUTCM. Among all programs offered by the university, 6 are identified as national key programs including TCM surgery, Chinese Materia Medica, TCM Internal Medicine and orthopedics, TCM History and Literature, as well as Acupuncture and Tuina; 38 are identified as national key programs by State Administration of TCM; 6 are identified as key programs by Shanghai Education Bureau. In addition, the university has 3 key laboratories supported by Ministry of Education, 1 engineering research center supported by Ministry of Education, 3 municipal key laboratory, 1 Collaborative Innovation Center for Health-care Service, and 8 key research offices supported by State Administration of TCM.

At present, the university has 3 level I doctoral and post-doc programs including TCM, Integrative medicine, and Chinese Materia Medica, 24level II doctoral programs, and 35 level II master programs, with all TCM-related programs conferring doctoral degrees. Altogether, there are 7322 full-time enrolled students on campus, among whom 33% are graduate students and 14% are international students pursuing long-term study.

The university pays great attention to international development and owns a number of institutions committed to this vision, including WHO Collaboration Center for Traditional Medicine, ISO-TC249 Secretariat, Research Center for International Development of TCM supported by State Administration of TCM, Monitoring Center for TCM health-careservice, and TCM Higher Education Quality Monitoring Center.

Of all TCM universities in China, SHUTCM is among the top in terms of comprehensive strength. In the latest National Assessment of Level I programs conducted in 2012, the program of Chinese Materia Medica ranked No.1, TCM ranked No.2, and Integrative Medicine ranked No.3 nationwide.

In the period during the 13th5-year plan of China, the university will continue to roll out the strategy of enhancing competitiveness by increasing investment infaculty.

As this year marks the 60 anniversary of the university, high caliber talents from all over the world are warmly welcomed to join us in the course of developing and promoting Traditional Chinese Medicine.

II、Academic Field

Chinese Materia Medica, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Basic and clinical TCM, Basic and clinical integrative medicine


1. Basic requirement

Well-reputed and relatively influential in the above-mentioned academic field; good team spirit and managerial skills; passion for research in TCM; diligent, rigorous, trustworthy and in good health.

2. Types of Talents  

Category IAcademician

Category IITop leaders in specific academic field; professor-level

scholarat prestigious universities or research institutes outside China

Category IIIOutstandingTalents

Doctoral degree holder; assistant or associate professor at prestigious universities outside China; graduated from prestigious universities outside China with 2+ consecutive years of research working experience outside China.


1. AcademicianPreferential benefits will be offered to academicians joining the university; specifics will be discussed face-to-face.

2. Top leaders in specific academic fieldattractive one-off grant for joining the university, housing allowance, and research fund; in accordance with “the academic honor scheme”,competitive remuneration will be offered and set forth in agreement; assistance will be offered to build the academic team and settle workplace for research; assistance will be offered in relocation of spouse and children.

3. Outstanding Talentsindividualized negotiable compensation

Those who meet the SHUTCM requirement of senior academics will be offered senior academic positions and benefits according to procedures and rules. Those with excellent managerial and coordination skills will be offered relevant academic or administrative positions based on actual condition and procedures.

V、Recruitment Procedure

1. Releasing job advertisement. Year-round recruitment information will be published via various media at home and abroad.

2. Application materials


(23-5 pieces of papers published in the past 5 years; published treatises and a list of published papers.

3OthersCopies of ID card or passport, diploma and degree ( Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degrees), Proof of employment in China and abroad, copy of professional qualifications; Proposals, completion certificates and rewards of research that you chaired or participated in.

4Descriptionof your vision, plan and requirement for working at SHUTCM

3. Panel Review. A panel of internal and external experts will gather together to review applications, identify suitable candidates, and decide on compensation scheme following required procedures.

  4. Official on-board. Contract will be signed and the chosen candidate will get on-board at SHUTCM.


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