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Researchers At SHUTCM Were Invited To Write Review For Renowned International Journals Regarding Gut Flora and Drug Metabolism Studies


Recently, the Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics (top 5% international journal regarding pharmacology) ofthe Nature Publishing Group released the guest review by Prof. Li Houkai and Prof. Jia Wei from the Research Center for TCM Formulae-Syndrome and SystemsBiology —Cometablism of microbes and host: implications for drug metabolism and drug-induced toxicity.

The review described the important gut microbiota-host metabolicinteractions with respect to gut microbiota-mediated host metabolic functions,gut microbiome-related diseases, drug metabolism, and drug-induced toxicity.The review also discussed the integrative approaches for understanding the roles of gut microbiota in host metabolism, including metagenomics, metabonomics, and pharmacometabonomics.

This review follows with previous articles of the research team, including the Gut microbiota: a potential new territory for drug targeting, 2008 Feb; 7(2) in the Nature ReviewsDrug Discovery, Traditional Chinese Medicine: Balancing the Gut Ecosystem, 2009Sep; 23(9) in the Rhytotherapy Research and Melamine-Induced Renal Toxicity Is Mediated by the Gut Microbiota, 2013 Feb;5(172) in the Science Translational Medicine. These papers have provided the oretical basis for drug discovery and drug toxicology targeting gut microbiota.

This research has been included into key basis research program of theSHUTCM.