About the Schools

School of Acupuncture and Tuina


Our mission

As the first academic institution to offer undergraduate and postgraduate education in acupuncture and tuina across China, the SHUTCM School of Acupuncture & Tuina seeks to disseminate knowledge, conduct research and serve the society.

Our courses

We offer the following programs of study to meet your academic and professional goals:

lChinese medicine oriented at acupuncture and tuina (7 years)

lAcupuncture and tuina (5 years)

lChinese medicine oriented at traumatology (5 years)

lBiomedical engineering

Our faculty

Our faculty are known around campus, within their area of study and, sometimes, acrossChina. Many have received prestigious honors, including Shanghai Teaching Award, Shanghai Baogang Excellent Teacher Award, Shanghai Yucai Award and Excellent Young Teacher Award by the Shanghai Education Commission. What’s more, we’ve received Excellent Textbook Award by the Ministry of Education and Shanghai Municipal Teaching Achievement Award in the Principle and Practice of Acupuncture and the Fast Track to the World of Meridians.

Our partners

lFudan University

lShanghai Jiaotong University

lShanghai Institute of Technical Physics,Chinese Academy of Sciences

lHand Surgery Research Institute, Huashan Hospital

lThe University of Maryland, USA

lJohannes Gutenberg-Universitat Mainz

lThe Chinese University of Hong Kong

We’ve been collaborated with our partners in basic research of meridians, clinical study and standardized diagnostic and therapeutic technique in acupuncture and tuina. Many research programs have been recognized by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shanghai Science and Technology Commission.

We’ve also sent teachers to Europe, theUnited States and Southeast Asian countries on a yearly basis to disseminate knowledge on acupuncture and tuina. At the same time, we’ve also welcomed scholars from different countries to visit and study.

Our commitment

One of the most important qualities in our staff is a deep caring about students. In addition to academic teaching, we are ready to provide you with all the support you need in other areas. These include Baihui Forum, Science Shop, Innovative Activities for College Students, Guide to Growth, Social Practice in Summer Holidays, and Volunteer Activities.

Wedsite of School of Acupuncture and Tuina:http://www.shutcm.com/shutcm/zt/