About the Schools

School of Nursing


The past decade has witnessed the rapid growth in student numbers and academic advance.At present, the School has more than 900 full-time students. In 2012, the School was entitled to operate Master Degree Nursing Program in Integrative Chinese and Western Medicine. In 2014, the School was entitled to operate Master Degree Nursing Program. We seek to equip students with international nursing expertise service.

Our structure

Founded in May 2005, the School of Nursing comprises the following offices:

lAdministration Office

lOffice of Student Affairs

lEducation & Research Office for Basic Nursing

lEducation & Research Office for Clinical Nursing

lEducation & Research Office for TCM Humanity Nursing

lWu Xia Workroom for TCM Humanity Nursing

Our honors and professional affiliations

lShanghai Teaching Awards (2)

lShanghai Top-Quality Courses (2)

lA total of 15 books/textbooks

lVice director, Education and Research Branch for Nursing, China Association of Higher Learning in Chinese Medicine

lKey disciplines and specialties, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine

lShanghai Top-Grade Discipline (Class B)

Our ongoing research projects

lNational Basic Research Program of China

lHumanity and Social Science Research Program, Ministry of Education

lResearch Program, the Shanghai Health and Family Planning Commission and Shanghai Education Commission

Our collaboration partners

From its founding, the School of Nursing has been dedicated to international orientation. Our partners include:

lThe University of Northumbria at Newcastle, UK

lDeakin University, Australia

lChina Medical University (Taiwan)

Website of School of Nursing:http://www.shutcm.com/shutcm/hl/