About the Schools

School of Basic Medical Sciences


Our structure

The SHUTCM School of Basic Medical Sciences was founded in October 1996. However, its root can date back to October 1962, when the Department of Basic Medical Sciences was set up. The School comprises 19 Education & Research Offices, 2 Research Rooms, 1 Laboratory Center (including 1 public lab and 7 specialty laboratories) and 5 secondary disciplines.

Our faculty

The fundamental strength of the School is the quality of individuals who teach here. Currently, the School has 184 staff, including 157 teachers. Among our faculty, 87% have postgraduate degrees. Our faculty includes 25 professors, 52 associate professors and 3 tenured professors.

Our faculty ranks nationally among the most productive and influential in Chinese medical education. These exceptional names include Jin Shoushan, Liu Shunong, Zhang Bona, Yin Pinzhi, Zhang Zhenxia, Jia Fuhua, Shen Jicang, Wan Shuyuan, Qiu Peiran, Ling Yaoxing, Fu Weikang, Duan Yushan, Ke Xuefan, Yan Shiyun, Zhao Weikang, Yan Zhenguo, Zeng Zhaoling, Shi Yuhua, Gu Wencong and Fei Zhaofu.

In addition, we also have honorary professors and guest professors from both home and abroad. At the same time, many professors from the SHUTCM School of Basic Medical Sciences have been invited to teach in the United States, France, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Australia, Thailand, Chinese Hong Kong and Taiwan,China.

Our programs

At present, the School has approximately 1,000 students, including 200 for postgraduate study. We offer 5 Master Degree programs, 5 doctorate degree programs and 5 post-doctoral research areas. Our key education programs include:

lTCM History & Literature

lFundamental Theories of Chinese Medicine

lDiagnosis in Chinese Medicine

lMajor TCM Schools

lTCM Classic Literature

lNei Jing (Internal Classic)

lBasic Sciences of Integrative Chinese and Western Medicine

lExperimental Chinese Medicine

lShang Han Lun (Treatise on Cold-Induced Febrile Diseases)

Our ongoing research projects

lNational Science & Technology Pillar Program during the 12th 5-year Plan Period (1)

lNational Natural Science Foundation ofChina (28)

lNational Key Social Science Foundation ofChina (2)

lNational Social Science Foundation (General Program) (1)

Our mission

Over the past five years, our faculty has authored or co-authored 45 national textbooks. With our exceptional staff, we seek to provide highest academic standards for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Wedsite of School of Badic Medical Science:http://www.shutcm.com/shutcm/jc/