About the Schools

School of Pharmacy


Our mission

The SHUTCM School of Pharmacy was founded in 1972. The past 40 years have witnessed the graduation of more than 1,500 students. We seek to integrate teaching, research and industrialization. We are especially concerned with overall development of students’ academic knowledge, ethical value and physical health.

Our faculty

The School has over 90 staff. They work hard to provide students all the support they need. Among our faculty, more than 80% have Master degrees.

Our programs

Currently, the School has 760 undergraduate students and 130 postgraduate students for Master and Doctorate degree programs.

We offer two undergraduate programs:

lChinese Materia Medica

lChina-UK Joint Program of Pharmacy

We also offer Doctorate Degree Program (since 1986) in Chinese Materia Medica and Master Degree Programs in the following disciplines:

lChinese Materia Medica (since 1981)

lFormulae of Chinese Medicine




Our research priorities

lR & D of new Chinese medicine

lPharmaceutical technology in new Chinese medicine

lQuality control of Chinese herbal medicine

lExtraction & isolation of active compounds in Chinese materia medica

lPharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of compound Chinese medical formulae

Wedsite of School of Chinese Materia Medica:http://www.shutcm.com/shutcm/zy/