Greeks seek to enhance acupuncture skills

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A  student from the University of West Attica in Greece asks a question  during her acupuncture training class in Shanghai. [Photo provided to]

Twenty-seven  students from the University of West Attica in Greece took an  acupuncture training program at Shanghai University of Traditional  Chinese Medicine from Aug 20 to 24.

As  some of the students were experienced physical therapists who have been  engaged in acupuncture treatment for years, the program gave them  specialty training on the prevention of certain diseases and the  clinical application of acupuncture.

They  also visited the school's Qigong Museum and attempted to cultivate  their vital life force through breathing techniques, postures,  meditations and guided imagery.

Qi in Chinese means breath or air and is considered the vital life force of human beings. Gong means  work or effort and is the commitment an individual puts into any  practice or skill that is perfected through time, patience and  repetition.

The  program was a follow-up activity since the two schools had agreed to  co-establish a health center in Greece earlier this March for  cultivating and training professionals in traditional Chinese medicine.

The  university is committed to promoting traditional Chinese medicine all  over the world. The bond it has formed with the Greek school will aid  integration between the two cultures and benefit local residents.

Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine contributed to this story.

An acupuncture therapist explains a technique to Greek students. [Photo provided to]

Lin  Xun, dean of the International Education College at Shanghai University  of Traditional Chinese Medicine, talks with the Greek students. [Photo  provided to]