Overseas students handy in TCM knowledge

Release time:2018-01-02visits:30

Overseas  students from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine pose  at a national TCM knowledge final in Beijing, Dec 24, 2017. The team,  with members mainly coming from Malaysia, wins the first prize and the  Best Performance award.

Shanghai  University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SHUTCM) is a school where  Chinese and overseas students enjoy learning Chinese medicinal classics.

The  youngsters' recent appearance at a national TCM knowledge final in  Beijing, Dec 24, 2017, which engaged a group of international students –  mainly from Malaysia, won them the first prize and the Best  Performance award.

The  contest was inspired from Huangdi Neijing (Inner Canon of the Yellow  Emperor), a Chinese medicinal classic, and required the contestants'  thorough understanding of TCM basic theories, nimble application, and  clear explanations.

Though  brain storms kept sweeping across the venue and fierce competition  rose from across the hall, the team from SHUTCM was no doubt the most  eye-catching one. They received 1,488,708 online votes and secured the  championship trophy.

The  success of SHUTCM students, defeating 700 teams from Chinese colleges  and medical establishments during the half-a-year elimination stages,  was attributed to the students' diligence, as well as the open and  positive campus atmosphere at SHUTCM.

The  school has been endeavoring to develop the overseas students' TCM  interests for over 10 years. They not only introduce the foreign  youngsters to various Chinese medicinal classics, but also put focus on  training their practical abilities.

Participants attending the national TCM knowledge final pose for a group photo.