Shanghai Forum for World Traditional Medicine Kicked off in Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM)

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Shanghai Forum for World Traditional Medicine kicked offat the Innovation Centre of Shanghai University of TraditionalChinese Medicine(TCM) from November 24 to 25. The opening ceremonywas hosted by Shen Yuandong, Vice Chair of ISO/TC 249 and Director ofInstitute of TCM International Standardization of the University.

Experts from China, United States, Japan, South Korea,Thailand, Australia, India, Israel, South Africa were invited to theforum. Scholars of traditional and complementary medicine from 4international organisations and 12 schools of traditional medicinedemonstrated history, status-quo, and future of the main  types oftraditional medicine, as well as the development of the treatments.The forum aimed at enhancing communication and exchanges amongvarious types traditional medicine, and facilitatingintergovernmental collaboration and cooperation among differentschools.

The forum lasted for 2 days, with 12 keynote talksthroughout 4 sessions, the topics ranging from Chinese Medicine,Ayurveda Medicine, Arabic Medicine, Thai Medicine, Kampo, KoreanMedicine, African Medicine, Homeopathy, Chiropractic to IntegrativeMedicine. During the forum, Tai chi and yoga techniques werepresented by Shanghai Qigong Research Institute and SouthernCalifornia University of Health Sciences respectively. Treatment ofCervical Spondylosis by Shi-styled traumatology techniques andChiropractic Medicine were also demonstrated.

The forum has attracted over 120 scholars from variousregions, including the delegation from Hong Kong Homeopathy Medicine.The University and Shanghai TCM Inheritance and Development Officeare determined to forge the forum as the Boao forum of worldtraditional medicine, making it a crucial component of Shanghai Asianmedical centre and an essential part of establishing first-classuniversity.

The event was co-hosted by Shanghai TCM DevelopmentOffice, Institute of TCM International Standardization of theUniversity, Shanghai Shuguang Traditional Chinese Medicine Researchand Development Foundation. The participants presented at the forumwere Deputy Director of International Cooperation Department of StateAdministration of TCM Zhu Haidong, President of the University XuJiangguang, Deputy Director of TCM Inheritance and Development Officeof Shanghai TCM Development Office Yao Weili, and representativesfrom home and abroad. Director of WHO Traditional, Complementary andIntegrative Medicine Department, Zhang qi congratulated on theopening of the forum over a video.

As defined by World Health Organisation, traditionalmedicine is a summary of knowledge, techniques and practice based ontheories, beliefs, experience, and it is used in preserving health,preventing, diagnosing, improving and treating physical and mentaldiseases. As an irreplaceable part serving the humankind, traditionalmedicine has made great contributions in health preservation anddisease prevention. (International Office)