President Xu led the delegation to promote international cooperation

Release time:2016-10-08visits:24

Recently, President of the University Xu Jianguang has made his business visit to Hong Kong, Canada, and the U.S, together with Zheng Linyun, Directorof the International Office, Xu Hongmei, Director of the Development and Planning Office, and Wang Tianjun, Project Manager of the International Office.


The delegation visited the School of Chinese Medicine of the University of Hong Kong, and met with Professor Lao Lixing, Dean of School of Chinese Medicine, and Professor Zhang Zhangjin, Deputy Dean of the school. The bilateral sides have centered on the topics as to expanding cooperative areas, upgrading the student exchange program to the postgraduate level, facilitating the progress of exchange programs between faculty members, as well as researching the exclusive mode of operating the TCM clinic.


At the University of Ottawa, the delegates had a profound discussion with Professor Jacques Bradwejn regarding the establishment of Shanghai-Ottawa School of TCM, the MPA (Master of Public Administration) program, TCM education standards and accreditation cooperation, etc. The bilateral sides have signed the agreement and mapped out future plans.


Xu has also met with Jacques Fremont, President of University of Ottawa. He expressed his gratitude to Jacques for his continuous support to the program.


The delegation also met with INOVA medical group. The bilateral sides have conducted detailed discussion regarding the business plan of establishing the TCM center and cooperative agreement. Xu introduced the strengths of treating chronic diseases by TCM methods. The delegates also visited the medical center, Fairfax hospital, women and children hospital, cancer center,rehabilitation hospital, and selected the venue for the TCM center.


The delegates finally made their visit to Augusta University and attended the 2-year celebrative anniversary of the Confucius Institute at Augusta University. Xu reviewed the achievements the Confucius Institute has made over the past 2 years and expressed his heart felt gratitude to the faculty members and students. Xu highly praised the teachers for making a lot of sacrifices to work overseas.


Together with President of Augusta University, Brooks Keel, Xu visited the TCM exhibition center at the Confucius Institute.


The Confucius Institute has opened many TCM courses, with 20 medical students selecting TCM related courses, which is unprecedented. The influence of the institute has immersed in the whole Georgia state.