Deputy Secretary Ying Yong visited the TCM center in the Czech Republic

Release time:2016-09-30visits:16

On August 26, the delegation led by the Deputy Secretary of Municipal Party Committee Ying Yong visited the China-Czech TCM center in the University Hospital Hradec Kralove in the Czech Republic. Deputy Health Minister Radek Policar, Chairman of Czech-China Association for Friendship Jaroslav Tvrdik were also present.


President of the University Xu Jianguang, Deputy Director of the TCM Development Office, Director of Shuguang Hospital have held preliminary meetings with the leadership of the Health Ministry in the Czech Republic. Xu has brought up constructive suggestions regarding the future development of the center through the collaboration among governments, universities and hospitals.


During the bilateral meeting, Chinese special envoy to the Czech Republic Jan Ruzicka briefed the conditions and development strategy of the center. He has analyzed the number of patients and disease classification, and spoke highly of the treatment efficacy.


Director of the Shuguang Hospital, Zhou Hua briefed further planning of the center. The center will be based on the treatment efficacy and targets at satisfying the needs of the patients in the Czech Republic, and further explore more medical programs.


Ying spoke highly of the achievements of the center and entailed it as a crucial component of the Belt and Road Initiative. The mode and achievements of the center have been the pioneering work in the progress of TCM internationalization. Ying states the program will be further supported by Shanghai municipal government. Policar will also provide preferable policies to assist the development of the center.


Ying also visited the treatment venue and the TCM doctors there. He highly praised the accomplishments the doctors have made and encourage them to keep up the efficient work.