The SHUTCM Shuguang Hospital

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Our location

The SHUTCM Shuguang Hospital comprises two parts. The 2-hectare downtown branch is located on 185 Pu’an Road, adjacent to the HuaihaiPark. The 11-hectare Pudong branch (investment of up to 0.6 billion RMB) is located on 528 Zhangheng Road. In 2001, the Shuguang Hospital Group was founded. Currently, the Group has more than 10 organizations. In 2008, the Hospital was appointed by the State Administration of Traditional Chines Medicine as an International Exchange and Cooperate Base.

Our service

Our annual outpatients: 2.95 million person-times. Annual inpatient discharge: 54,000. Annual surgeries: 33,000 person-times.

The Hospital has 6 ICUs, 4 research institutes, 14 clinical research rooms, 5 level-3 laboratories, 8 level-2 and level-1 laboratories, 1 national key laboratory, 1 Shanghai municipal key laboratory, and phase-I clinical drug trial unit.

Our education

We offer clinical education for more than 1,000 undergraduates and postgraduates on a yearly basis. Currently, we have 17 Education and Research Offices, 5 doctorate degree programs, 10 Master degree programs and 3 post-doctoral research areas.

The Hospital has 41 doctoral supervisors, 195 tutors for Master degree programs, 1 Shanghai famous teacher and 2 famous teachers of the SHUTCM.

Our staff

Currently, the Hospital has more than 1,800 staff. Our exceptional staff includes 118 chief physicians, 40 doctoral supervisors, 11 experts of the State Council Special Allowance, 54 national medical professionals, over 100 directors (including vice directors) of national or municipal medical associations, 15 national or provincial famous TCM physicians, 36 ‘Shuguang distinguished TCM physicians’ and 36 ‘senior Shuguang TCM scholars’.

Our key disciplines and specialties

Three key disciplines of the 11th 5-year plan by the Ministry of Education

lChinese Traumatology

lChinese Internal Medicine

lChinese Materia Medica (Chinese herbal preparation and clinical pharmacology)

Six key disciplines by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine

lChinese Traumatology

lChinese Internal Medicine

lChinese Materia Medica (Chinese herbal preparation and clinical pharmacology)


lIntegrative Chinese and Western Surgery


Three clinical bases

lPrevention, Treatment and Screening Base For Cerebral Apoplexy, Ministry of Health (2012)

lTCM Emergency Base, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (1993)

lNational Chinese Herbal Preparation and Dosage Form Innovation Base (1993)

Six national key clinical specialties






lClinical Pharmacy

Thirteen national key specialties during the 12th 5-year plan












lTCM nursing

lClinical Pharmacy

Our acupuncture anesthesia

In 1964, the Hospital staff started using acupuncture anesthesia during surgery. In 2006, the first case of cardiac surgery using acupuncture anesthesia was successfully performed, which attracted national and international media attention and had been reported by the CCTV-2, Second German Television (ZDF) and BBC news. Today, more than 2,000 surgeries using acupuncture anesthesia were performed on a yearly basis. These surgeries involve the brain, heart, thyroid gland, laparoscope and gynecology, etc.

Our distinctive Centers

lDiagnostic and Treatment Center for Famous Physicians

lTraditional Diagnosis and Treatment Center

lCenter for Management of Subclinical Conditions

lShi’s Traumatology Center

lBai’s Anorectal Center

lInheritance Workrooms for Senior TCM Physicians (7)

lWorkrooms for Shanghai Famous TCM Physicians (12)

lCai’s Book House

lQuality Control Center for National TCM Hospitals of China

lQuality Control Center for Shanghai TCM Healthcare Service

Our ongoing research projects (more than 300 projects)

lNational Key Special Research Project (1)

lNational Natural Science Foundation (23)

lResearch projects by the Shanghai Science & Technology Commission, Shanghai Education Commission and Shanghai Health and Family Planning Commission (more than 100)

Our honors

Along with a history of a hundred years, the Hospital has received numerous awards.

lTop 10 general hospital in Shanghai

lNational Exemplary TCM Hospital of China

lShanghai Model Institutions with Moral and Ethical Values (15 consecutive times from 1984-2013)

lTop 100 national hospitals of China in 1999

lNational Advanced Collectives in Healthcare System (2004)

lNational Advanced Institutions with Moral and Ethical Values (2005)

lNational Advanced Institutions in Hospital Culture

lShanghai High-Quality Service for the World Expo (2009)

lCertified ISO 9001 quality management system in 2001

lResearch-oriented TCM Hospital by the Shanghai Municipal Government and the Ministry of Health

lScience & Technology Achievement Prize (20)

lPatent Licensing (24)

Our core value

With characteristic Shuguang culture, our core value emphasizes accountability and compassion for patients’ lives with great medical ethics.

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