The SHUTCM Longhua Hospital

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Our location

The SHUTCM Longhua Hospital is headquartered on 725 South Wanping Road, Xuhui District. Its branch hospital is located on 45 Shanggang Village No 2, Shangnan Road, Pudong New Area.

Our mission

The SHUTCM Longhua Hospital was founded in July 1960 as one of the first four clinical bases for Chinese medicine across China. The past 50 years have witnessed its steady progress in the way it integrates medical practice, education and research.

The mission of the Hospital is to improve the core competitiveness and achieve highest quality in clinical care and service.

Our core values

lQuality First, Patients Foremost

lIntegrity, Compassion, Inheritance and Innovation

Our service

There are a total of 1,250 authorized beds in the 5.3-hectare hospital area. Our annual outpatients: 2.66 million person-times. Annual inpatient discharge: 35,000.

The Hospital has 36 clinical departments, 6 medical laboratories, 3 pharmaceutical preparation departments, cardiac catheterization laboratory, ICU, CCU, RICU and blood purification center, coupled with DR, CT, ECT, MRI and Digital gastrointestinal X-ray machine.

Our key disciplines and specialties

lNational Key Clinical Specialties (6)

lNational Key Disciplines (3)

lKey Disciplines of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (9)

lKey Specialties and Training Programs (12)

lShanghai Priority Specialties (8)

lShanghai Clinical Medicine Centers (2)

Our staff

The fundamental strength of our hospital lies in our exceptional staff. We have 28 senior tutors to pass on their academic experiences, 21 Shanghai famous TCM physicians, 36 doctorate supervisors and 1 chief scientist for the National Basic Research Program (also known as 973 program).

Our distinctive departments

lOncology (malignant tumor)

lTraumatology (degenerative bone disorders)


lGeneral Surgery (Gall stones)



lBreast Surgery

lProctology (anorectal problems)



lDermatology (sores and ulcerations)

lGaofang (Herbal Paste by condensed decoction of Chinese medical formulae) Outpatient for patients who intend to reinforce their body during winter times.

lOutpatient for treatment of winter problems in summer

lOutpatient for Health Examination in the perspective of Chinese medicine

Our ongoing research projects (up to 0.14 billion RMB for 354 projects)

lNational Level Research Projects (85)

lProvincial/Ministerial Level Research Projects (96)

lBureau Level Research Projects (172)

lNational Natural Science Foundation of China (80).

Our education

We are responsible for clinical education for undergraduates, 7-year Master degree programs, postgraduates and students from the School of Chinese Medicine, the University of Hong Kong.

We offer three post-doctoral research areas in Chinese Internal Medicine, Chinese External Medicine and Chinese Traumatology.

We also have workrooms for Chen Xiangjun, Lu Deming and Shi Qi and research rooms for Wu Yingen and Tang Hanjun.

Our hospital group

Founded in July 2000, the Longhua Hospital Group includes:

l5 secondary TCM hospitals

l1 secondary integrative Chinese and Western hospital

lShanghai Minhang District Central Hospital

lShanghai Changning District Tianshan Hospital

lCollaboration with 13 community healthcare centers in Xuhui District since 2004

Our honors

lNational Exemplary TCM Hospital of China

lShanghai Top-Class Tertiary Hospital

lShanghai Model Institutions with Moral and Ethical Values (11 consecutive times)

lNational Advanced Collectives in Healthcare System (2007)

lClinical Research Base for Chinese Medicine by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (2008)

lMedical Institutions that receive the Cheung Kong Scholars Program of China by the Ministry of Education (2009)

lRanks No 1 among top-class tertiary TCM hospitals across China


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