The grand ceremony held to launch the Student Affairs and Development Center, the Dragon Boat Training Center and the Fitness Center

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In tribute to the 60th Anniversary and pilot the dream of the youth

At 12:30 on April 8, 2016, the 50 days countdown of the anniversary celebration of Shanghai University of TCM, also the launching ceremony of the Student Affairs and Development Center, the Dragon Boat Training Base, the Fitness center have been grandly held. Chair of the University Council Zhang Zhiqiang, President Xu Jianguang, Deputy Chair of the University Council Shi Jianrong, Deputy Chair and Vice President Zhu Huirong, Vice President Zhangjing, as well as relevant departments and all the faculty members and students participated in the ceremony.

Members of the University Council, staff and student representatives visited the newly established Dragon Boat Training Base. Zhu introduced establishment of the base and expressed her gratitude to the faculty members engaged in the process. Members of the University Council then painted the eye of the dragon boat, extending the best wishes to the nation, society and the university from the staff and students. Chair of the University Council, Zhang stated that the centers are the gifts presented to all the faculty members and students for the 60th anniversary. The launch of the 3 centers marks one step forward in achieving the goal of moral and integrity education to the students. Zhang also encouraged all the staff and students to inherit the long historical culture of the Chinese nation and the spirit of cooperation that reflected in the dragon boat games. Xu announced the official launch of the training center, with the 2 dragon boats setting off for a competition under the cheers from all the audiences.

Before the launching ceremony of the Student Affairs and Development Center and the Fitness Center, members of the University Council, faculty members and students visited the Fitness Center. The members of the council presented the golden key and the fitness card to student representatives. Xu addressed that he has witnessed students’ efforts and achievements, and the university will offer better conditions, environment and more assistance to the students. He took the key to the center as the key to students’ self-management, self-education and self-service, as well as the key to the TCM treasury, and encouraged students to contribute themselves to the cause of inheritance and development of TCM and set a new milestone for the well-being of the human being.

The executive head of the Student Council, Su zijian delivered a speech, expressing his gratitude to the university and teachers for their hard work and careful concern, and advocated all the TCM students to make concerted efforts to establish the university, inherit and develop TCM culture, and purse the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.