Shanghai Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

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The Shanghai Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine consists of three parts: themedical history museum of SHUTCM/Chinese Medical Association, the specimen room of Chinese materia medica, and the exhibition hall of the University history. With an exhibition area of approximately 4,000 square meters, the Museum has become a multidimensional center, which involves popular science education in Pudong New Area, in Shanghai and across China, promotion of TCM culture, experiencing Chinese culture by international students studying in Shanghai and patriotism education in Pudong New Area. In addition, it has been listed as a national AAA scenic spot.

The medical history museum of Chinese Medical Association (the first medical history museum in China) was established in July 1983 in Shanghai by a well-known medical historian Wang Jimin (1889-1972). In 1951, the museum shifted its affiliation to the Shanghai branch of Chinese Medical Association, because Chinese Medical Association moved its headquarter to Beijing. In January 1959, the museum was incorporated into Shanghai College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Since May 1998, the museum has been affiliated to two institutions—the SHUTCM and Chinese Medical Association. The museum has a collection of over 15,000 TCM cultural artifacts from the Stone Age to present day. Through more than 1,000 artifacts on display, the museum can offer an insight into important history facts and major achievements of Chinese medicine over the past 5,000 years.

The specimen room of Chinese materia medica showcases more than 1,300 samples of Chinese materia medica, coupled with information regarding their appearance and functions.

Over 700 pictures and real-life objects in the exhibition hall of the SHUTCM history offer an overall review of development in education, scientific research and medical practice since the founding of the University.

Nestled between the library and museum buildings is the beautiful hundred-herb garden. This garden has a collection of nearly 600 common medicinal herbs.

A tour to the Shanghai Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a true voyage of discovery that will take you through the the broad and profound TCM history—from its beginning to prosperity and from its tradition to innovation.

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